Ironmore, a mining town, recently split from the great city of Westerlea. After years of political struggle, the once great knight Balda, forged a deal with the ruling part of Westerlea for their independence. Forfeiting his lands and titles, he has become the sheriff of Ironmore, hoping to rise this town to a great city, by leveraging the unbelievable riches deep within the Dragon Bridge Mountains.

The town, nearing a population of 4200+, has recently undergone two major catastrophe’s. A steady stream of supplies come in and out of the town. The last two supply line coming from Westerlea never arrived. Fearing political intrigue, Balda a portion of his personal militia to track down the supply lines. They were slaughtered mercilessly by chief Asogard of the Two-Blood Orc clan. Paying a heavy price, Balda reached out to Westerlea for assistance, the supply lines are now flowing again, however, disease has befallen the town.
This disease appeared after a new mine was discovered 2 days journey form Ironmore. Balda sent his son out to investigate. This was a week ago. His son never returned.

With his son’s life in question, Balda frantically sought out further assistance from a band of Adventurers. White Sage of the nearby forest, the ranger Tolivir, and the rogue Sierra, agreed to find his son and locate the cause of this disease.

During their two day journey afoot to the Dragon Bridge Mountain, they encountered a small group of human’s, wearing the Fist of Hextor markings. They had a man captive. After a brief skirmish, they freed the man, a monk without a name. Enlisting his service on their journey, they continued to the mountains.


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